About Us

The Warwick Veteran and Vintage Vehicle Club Inc. was founded in 1974.

Our primary purpose is to provide a facility wherein owners of old cars can meet, discuss matters of mutual interest, and, most importantly, be able to get their old girls out on the road and doing what they were built for. There is a range of vehicles within the club, from Veteran cars (pre 1918), Vintage cars (1919 - 1930), Post Vintage (1931 - 1949) and Classic cars (1950 onwards)

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Current office bearers

President: Eddie Marshall (Mobile: 0458573876)

Vice President: Nancy Miller (Mobile: 0407623987)

Secretary: Bevan Slater (Phone: 07 4661 5339)

Treasurer: Mark Agnew

Publicity / Web: Nancy Miller (Mobile: 0407623987)